Make-up face in an almost permanent manner

Semi-permanent make up in London is gaining popularity day by day. It not only increases the stay of makeup rather it makes a person confident enough to face the society. It is one treatment which can make a person get rid of the daily routine of makeup.

Science behind permanent makeup:

Semi permanent make up in london technique of tattooing skin with few pigments. These pigments give an image of color or shape to the particular area. This method is a way of applying cosmetic pigments  for a long term use. The pigments used are pharmaceutically tested to suit skin types and the process is performed by a skilled professional.

Basic treatments:

  • The semi permanent makeup technique is done to cosmetically enhance
  • Lips: lip line and lip body can be enhanced to give a look of beautiful and fuller lips. It gives a definition to lip body and a color to the lip body.
  • Eye brows : eye brows can be shaped easily with this semi permanent technique
  • Cheeks: Natural pigmentation can give a look of beautiful and fuller cheeks.


Semi permanent make up in London is best suited for people because of two reasons:

  • Long term effect: this make up technique is neither time consuming nor does it wash off easily. This technique stays for a period of time and does not require hassle again and again.
  • Hassle free: semi permanent make up increases and enhances the look of face making a person without many hassles. There is no need to buy the cosmetic products and then apply them with care every day.
  • No smudging: normal make up can smudge after perspiration or a particular time period. This method is relatively smudge free and stays on your skin for three years making you get a look of beautified features.

These two reasons are the basic advantages of semi permanent make up.

Thus permanent make up in london techniques are useful for most people. But they are the most useful to actresses and models as they are paid to look good. It is generally a pain less procedure as an anesthetic cream is applied to the skin. It is a costly treatment but it is very useful in the long term. It can save a lot of your time and do away with the practice of touch-up again and again.