Look Your Best At All Times with Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Makeup is a type of invasive procedure that uses a tattooing process to embed particles of micro pigmentation into the skin. The effect lasts for years and this is the main reason it is known as semi-permanent. If you love elaborate make up but find the process time consuming and a chore, then you will like this. It is also perfect for those with some small deformities or asymmetry. If you are allergic to chemicals in makeup, then this allows you to achieve the effect of makeup without having the reactions that you experience with topical makeup. If you go on holiday and are exposed to a hot climate but still like to wear your regular makeup, you know that heat will make you perspire and cause smears, particularly with eye makeup. In such cases, this method gives you freedom to apply small amounts of makeup and still appear to be fully made up.

This is a highly specialised technique usually carried out by a specialist with years of experience. It requires patience and an artistic eye as well as steady hands to implant pigments under the surface of the skin and achieve an artistic effect. In essence, this type of treatment is for particularly sensitive areas such as eyebrows and eyelashes as well as for lips so it is very important to have an expert in charge of your semi-permanent makeup. The specialist inserts needles loaded with pigments into the epidermis, the outer most layers of the skin. The pigment then sets into the skin and lasts for 2 to 4 years after which it starts to gradually fade.

It is not only the specialist giving the procedure who needs patience; the person undergoing the process also needs to be patient. In addition, there is some degree of discomfort and pain but the results can be rewarding.

The process starts with a consultation during which your specialist explains the pros and cons of semi-permanent makeup and also checks your medical records to make sure your skin is not allergic to pigments. They will then use cosmetics on you to show you the effect that will be achieved after the semi-permanent makeup is applied. At the same time, you decide on the colour and tone of the makeup and select appropriate pigments. Once you have decided on these, a date is fixed and the process starts. The expert may apply a local anesthetic to reduce sensations. A design is created on the areas to be worked on and then a needle with an electric drive unit is used to apply pigments just below the skin’s surface. It takes anything from a half hour to two hours, sometimes more depending on how “heavy” you want the makeup to be. You may need to visit again for minor touch ups or a repeat process to even out the pigmentation and create a smooth tone. You can resume normal activities within hours of the process and it takes about a week for the true tone to show through. Once the pigment has settled, you will be left with a beautiful effect that will last for years.