Knowing More About Permanent Makeup in London Will Help You to Find a Treatment That Will Enhance Your Looks

Permanent makeup or semi-permanent makeup London (the terms are used interchangeably to refer to the same process) involves a methodology similar to tattooing in that pigment is deposited subcutaneously with the use of needles. The effect lasts for 2 to 3 years which is why it is called permanent or semi-permanent.

Tattoos add art to our anatomy and give you a unique identity. In comparison, the permanent makeup process is useful for a variety of cosmetic improvements, to hide defects or to enhance your looks and make you look more beautiful. Permanent makeup relieves you of the tedium of applying makeup each day and saves you a lot of time, trouble and expense. Here are the areas where you can use permanent makeup to good effect.

  • Hairline: You can try having a hair transplant if you have a receding hairline, but that takes time and has varying results. Permanent makeup can create the impression of a fuller head of hair by implanting pigment matching your hair colour to your scalp.
  • Eyebrows: Sparse or misshapen eyebrows can be corrected. This treatment defines and enhances eyebrows, giving your face more character and distinctive looks.
  • Eyeliner: The eyes are the focal points of interest on a person’s face. Subtle enhancement around the eyes enhances the lashes and gives your eyes a fuller, more prominent look.
  • Lips: You may have lips that are not full or lack definition. With this process your lips are redefined, transforming your look and boosting your confidence.
  • Men: Men can achieve a more masculine appearance or tone down harshness in their facial creatures with subtle toning and shading through permanent makeup.
  • Aureola and nipples: Slight or even heavy work can be done in this area to enhance their color and definition, especially after surgery.
  • Pale complexion: People with a pale complexion or lips can improve their looks with tattooed pigment.

Although the effect of semi-permanent makeup lasts for 2 to 3 years, you may have to visit your consultant for follow up treatment within this time period.

Before starting the process, the expert semi permanent makeup london specialists will give you advice on the pros and cons, show you simulations of what you will look like after the process and will advise on cost estimates. Once you are happy with all of this, the process begins and takes about 2 hours or more per sitting. A local anesthetic is used to help you bear the slight pin pricks. After the process your skin may be slightly inflamed so it is best to use ice packs and stay out of sun for a few days. After about a week the pigment will have settled and you will be able to see the final result. Be warned that it is easy to carry out the process but undoing it is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Consider the changes carefully before you commit.