Increase Your Attractiveness with Eyebrow Tattooing

The shape, thickness, position and size of your eyebrows all give personality and definition to your face. If you have fair hair, you may find that you have sparse eyebrows or eyebrows that lack shape so you have to enhance them with makeup. The drawback to this is that you have to apply makeup each day, every time you go out and it is easy to smudge or be ruined by rain or sweat. You can avoid having to apply makeup to your eyebrows everyday with semi-permanent eyebrow treatments. One method involves the use of hair transplant and weaving to create the eyebrow shape you desire. Another way, which is easier and also less expensive, is eyebrow tattooing, which is semi-permanent make up london.


Before you opt for just any eyebrow shape, consider the type of personality you wish to project once the tattooing is over because the effect is nearly impossible to undo. A thick bushy look indicates a person of passion and also one with a dominating personality. Straight eyebrows have their own charm and show that you are logical and have fine tastes. The most favoured look is to have a high arch, an indicator of fine sensibilities and emotions. People with long brows are perceived to be good friends and lead a balanced life with a positive outlook. On the other hand, employers might prefer people with low bushy eyebrows because they tend to be calculative, quick thinkers and imaginative. Importantly, the eyebrows must be shaped in relation to the nose and its length, cheeks and their shape and also the eyes and forehead. A specialist in eyebrow tattooing will help you decide on the best look by actual application of makeup and photographs or a computerised simulation. You can then decide on a look and fix a date for the tattooing process.

The process lasts about two hours or less per session and may be carried over to two or more sessions depending on the extent of work involved. A technician applies local anaesthetic, pencils over the area that will receive the tattooing and then commences work. The actual process is carried out with the help of fine needles that are used to deposit pigment sub-cutaneously. You will notice slight inflammation and discolouration as well as some discomfort after the process. In a week you will see the end result. After that you may have to visit your semi-permanent makeup artist for slight retouching. Come rain, come shine, this is the look you will carry for the next couple of years and you are free from the bother of penciling eyebrows each day.

Is this process only for those with sparse eyebrows? No. Even if you have thick bushy eyebrows, you can go for permanent make up london hair removal followed by eyebrow tattooing to achieve a completely new, fresh look that reflects your inner self. Even those women with naturally high and thin eyebrows can add emphasis and colour through eyebrow tattooing. It is so important to look good and the first step starts with perfect eyebrows in consonance with your personality.