Important information on Permanent makeup London

London is a beautiful and stylish city and its residents are well known for looking stylish and chic, especially the women. A lot of women in London will spend time applying makeup every day, even with a really busy schedule, so an increasing amount of beauty salons are now offering semi-permanent makeup so women can have the appearance of wearing makeup without spending as much time applying it.


It can also highlight features and boost others, such as giving the appearance of fuller lips or clearer skin. Women all over the country as well as in the Capital say they would try or have had semi-permanent makeup to look polished and beautiful 24/7.

Some points about permanent makeup –

  • Semi-permanent makeup in London is applied using a tattooing method using highly specialised equipment. It can cause some discomfort when applied but a numbing gel is applied to minimise this.
  • One of the most popular treatments is eyebrow tattooing; this gives the appearance of stronger, more defined eyebrows and is great for women with fairer hair or who have previously over-plucked their natural ones.
  • Once applied, semi-permanent makeup will last around 3 to 4 years and isn’t easy to remove if you become bored of it. You should consider this very carefully before you go ahead with any treatments.
  • Another popular treatment is semi-permanent lip liner. This makes the lips appear fuller, the shape more defined and can boost their natural colour whilst looking natural. In London it is a popular alternative to surgical lip fillers.
  • Semi-permanent makeup is very popular among celebrities and big names in the fashion world as it’s their job to always look good.

Semi-permanent makeup is the next big trend in the beauty industry- When you live an increasingly busy lifestyle but want to look good all the time, semi-permanent makeup in London is a real time saver and can help you look better than you imagined. It can highlight features, hide imperfections and boost your confidence. Semi-permanent makeup is growing in popularity and an increasing amount of women are using it to give themselves a brand new look.