Found a great new skin lightening product…..

Very few of us are lucky enough to have flawless skin which is why there is such a broad range of products available for those who need to even out or lighten their skin tone.

Most of these products aim to block the formation of melanin by stopping its biosynthesis which is a very slow and inefficient process.

I’ve found a range of products that works to temporarily reduce the appearance of melanin, the dark coloured pigment, in the skin. The result is a lighter, healthier and brighter skin tone.

The products comes from elure and are based on a naturally occurring enzyme which temporarily reduces melanin. According to elure, this enzyme is enabled by an advanced formula which creates  a powerful and very fast acting substance called Melanozyme.

The product range includes Advanced Lightening Lotion, Advanced Lightening  Night Cream and the Advanced Facial Wash.

They have been clinically tested and do not contain a substance called Hydroquinone which has been found to cause some side effects such as allergic reactions and skin irritations.


It’s effective and safe and it starts to work quicker than other products so you should start to see some results within a few weeks of use.