Eyebrow Tattoos For Ravishing Looks and to Frame Your Eyes Perfectly

Not everyone is lucky enough to have perfectly shaped eyebrows. If you have full eyebrows you can keep them perfectly shaped with just a little bit of plucking and trimming. However, if you have very little hair and your eyebrows appear almost non-existent, you may find yourself using makeup to make them stand out. The usual method is to use an eyebrow pencil, or you can use an eye shadow that is slightly darker than your eyebrows’ natural shade. It is a chore if you have to do this each day and keep checking that they look good. A better solution is to shape eyebrows permanently for ravishing good looks and save yourself the bother of having to pencil your brows each day.

Eyebrow tattoos are permanent and frame your eyes perfectly, they are especially recommended if you have very thin brows. Thick, well-shaped brows do add to your beauty and make you look gorgeous. Consult an expert who specialises in eyebrow tattooing because it is important that your brows are symmetrical as well as suiting your face shape and features.

The process starts with a consultation. Your specialist will most likely photograph your face and then use computer simulation to show you how your face will look with differently shaped eyebrows. Specialists know which types of eyebrows go with different face and eye shapes and will recommend suitable designs. You select one and the actual process of tattooing starts. The technician draws a pattern and checks for its symmetry, and then applies topical anesthetic ointment. After that they will use a motorised fine needle to inject pigment subcutaneously. This process takes about one to two hours and causes some inflammation that reduces in a couple of days. Initially your eyebrow tattoo will look dark but once the skin has healed the actual colour and shape show through. You may need to visit your specialist once or twice after a couple of weeks for slight modification and retouching of the tattoo. You will love your new, wonderful look and the compliments will come pouring in.

The most important and noticeable benefit of eyebrow tattoos is that you will feel more attractive and your self-confidence will be boosted. The side benefits are that you no longer need to apply pencil makeup to your eyebrows each day so you save time and money. Eyebrow tattoos will last for several years then they might start to fade and you will need to have them redone or get a touch up. If done right, your face is transformed and you achieve more a more defined and stronger look. The disadvantage of eyebrow tattoos is that you cannot change or get rid of them easily. Still, the improvement is significant and you will love the way you look after you get eyebrow tattoos from a highly qualified specialist.